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Welcome to Sunnyside Yoga in Guildford. Yoga for mind and body – to strengthen, restore and relax. Weekly daytime and evening Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga classes in and around Guildford and Godalming taught by Gunilla Hartman.

My weekly group classes are suitable for all levels including beginners. I also offer tailor-made one-to-one private tuition or small group classes in the comfort of your own home and I can bring yoga, meditation and relaxation classes to your workplace or school.

My former life in the corporate world means that I am very familiar with how a daily commute and long hours can take its toll on the general well-being and how difficult it can be to find that important life/work balance. My yoga classes can help you on the road to regaining that vital balance and I fully believe that everyone would benefit by adding yoga to their lives and re-connecting their bodies and mind through yoga.

The weekly yoga classes re-start after the summer break on Monday 7 September and ‘Chillax’ with Restorative Yin yoga is back once a month on Fridays from Friday 18 September. See the classes page for full details.

The last ‘NutriYoga’ workshop – How to manage stress and re-balance through nutrition and yoga was a big success and sold out very quickly. As we couldn’t fit everyone in we will be re-running the workshop again on Saturday 26 September.  

Here are some of the comments we had from the students:

“A fantastic opportunity to stop from the demands of family life and focus on what my body needs” Laura

“Inspiring session. It made me want to take action!” Joanna

“Great ‘me’ time for mind and body” Caroline

“Very informative – Just what I needed!” Mille

For full details and how to book see the Upcoming events page. 


Looking forward to seeing you soon!