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Welcome to Sunnyside Yoga in Guildford. Yoga for mind and body – to strengthen, restore and relax. Weekly daytime and evening Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga classes in and around Guildford and Godalming taught by Gunilla Hartman.

My group classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. I offer tailor-made private tuition or small group classes in the comfort of your own home and I can also bring yoga or relaxation classes to your workplace or school.

The Monday evening 19.45-21.15 class at Fitzsimmons is temporarily re-locating to the Main Hall at Holy Trinity School, Addison Road, Guildford GU1 3QF for the rest of November due to building work at Fitzsimmons. Plenty of free parking available on site.

I  now have two Wednesday classes at Yoga Mila in Godalming: a new Yoga Gentle class at 15.45-17.00 and a Yin class at 17.30-18.45. See the classes page for more details.

We live in such a fast paced society these days, our brains are constantly being bombarded by impressions and a lot of us are juggling work and family commitments. I fully believe that everyone would benefit by a adding a bit of yoga to their lives and re-connecting our bodies and mind through yoga.

Why not take the opportunity to just be here and now, letting go of everything else and having a “date” with you on the yoga mat?

Looking forward to seeing you soon!